Museums/Places of Interest

Robert Thomas Carriage Museum

The Robert Thomas Carriage Museum has a collection of 28 fully restored horse drawn vehicles that represent every walk of life from the farmer to the wealthy. Pleasure vehicles, hearse, sleigh, surreys, wagons, and various buggies are all displayed in a carriage house style setting.

Guides and interpretive signs offer a glimpse into the horse drawn era. Accessories of early travel (saddles, lap robes, harness, foot warmers, and tools of the carriage industry) are displayed throughout the museum.

Address: 217 North High Street Blackstone, VA 23824
Phone: (434) 292-1459

Schwartz Tavern

Built prior to the American Revolution, Schwartz Tavern boasts the title of Blackstone’s oldest structure. It was bought by John Andrew Schwartz, in 1790, and opened it as a tavern in 1798. It remained operational under four different owners until 1841. Standing within eyesight of its rival tavern operated by Francis White, the two competitors gave the crossroads its first name: Blacks and Whites. (Schwartz literally translates to Black in German).  After the structure ceased to be a business, it was a private residence for seven families, the last of which was the Gilliam Willson Anderson family.  After Gilliam’s death, the Anderson heirs deeded the property to the town of Blackstone with the intention that it be restored and opened to the public.

Call to book a tour today! Guided tours are free of charge and cater to your specific needs. An interactive children’s tour is available and groups are welcome.

Address: 100 Tavern Street, Blackstone, VA 23824
Date(s)/Time: (10:00 AM-5:00 PM) 
Phone: (434) 292-7795
Museum office: (434) 292-1459

Crewe Railroad Museum

Crewe Virginia owes its existence to the Norfolk & Western (N&W) Railroad. The Norfolk & Western Railroad merged with the Southern Railroad in the early Nineteen-Eighties to become the successful Norfolk-Southern Railroad of today.

The N&W pre-planned and built the town of Crewe in 1888. It was designed first and foremost to support the operations of the N&W as a Divisional halfway point between Norfolk and Roanoke, Virginia.

The Crewe railroad Museum is a ‘not-for-profit” memorial to the many residents of Crewe and the surrounding areas that lived here and were employed by the N&W Railroad. It is staffed and managed by Volunteers. Some of them are retired Engineers, firemen, conductors etc.

The Museum consists of a main building with similar construction as the original Crewe Passenger station. The building houses many artifacts, photos, and memorabilia, the majority of which has been donated by the residents of Crewe. Outside, in a park like surrounding, there is a Steam locomotive, Diesel locomotive, several freight cars, a caboose, and the latest acquisition, a passenger coach that was used on the crack N&W Powhatan Arrow passenger trains of the Nineteen-Forties and Fifties. Many other artifacts are to be enjoyed as well.

The Museum is located on land donated by the Norfolk Southern Railroad and is adjacent to their current operational yards. There are several adequate viewing spots to monitor Norfolk-Southern operations by the most discriminating rail-fan.

Hours of Operation

Friday & Saturday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
All other days call for appointment one day in advance

Admission is Free
The Museum is a non-profit organization, staffed and operated by volunteers. Donations are helpful and graciously accepted.


Address: 111 West Virginia Avenue (U.S. Highway 460)Crewe, Virginia 23930

The Virginia Museum of Radio Entertainment

The Virginia Museum of Radio Entertainment is a nonprofit organization created to archive, sustain, and perpetuate roots-based American music through the presentation of quality educational and community enrichment programs. Central to this mission is the preservation of the rich music history of south side and central Virginia.

Virginia Museum of Radio Entertainment
P.O. Box 607, Crewe, Virginia 23930

Telephone:  804-678-8013

Bevell’s Train Display

Bevell’s Hardware is home to the famous Christmas Holiday Train Display, visited by thousands  each holiday season.

Beginning over 30 years ago as a small train display on a 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood with two trains and a very little scenery, has now grown into a 18’ X 56’ train display. Featuring more than ten trains, with realistic mountains, bridges, animation, large circus and amusement park, lighted houses and beautiful snow village, burning house and town, accident scene, farm scene, replicas of local businesses both past and present and much, much more.

This amazing display was featured in a five page article for the magazine Classic Toy Trains(December 2010 issue).

TRAIN DATES: Friday after Thanksgiving Day through the second Sunday in January.

TRAIN HOURS: Monday–Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM, Sundays Noon to 3 PM


HOLIDAY CLOSINGS: Thanksgiving Day – Christmas Day – New Year’s Day

109 N. High StreetBlackstone Va. 23824
Phone: 434-292-7208
Fax: 434-292-6612

The Battle of the Grove

At this railroad cut on June 23, 1864, 3,500 Union cavalrymen commanded by Gen. James H. Wilson fought a Confederate cavalry force of 2,000 under Gen. W.H. Fitzhugh Lee. The savage, 9-hour battle was the first major engagement of the Wilson-Kautz Raid, a Union cavalry expedition intended to destroy railroads supplying Confederate forces besieged at Petersburg.

Location: 37° 6.395′ N, 78° 2.315′ W. 

Marker is about two miles west of Blackstone, Virginia, in Nottoway County.  It is located on Old Nottoway Road (U.S. Highway 460 Business) near The Grove Road.