Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 92, Nottoway, VA  23955
Physical Address:  344 W. Courthouse Road, Crewe, VA  23930
Telephone:  434-645-8696     Fax:  434-645-8696

Current Authority:
  (District 1)     Steve Bowen
  (District 2)     John Roark
  (District 3)     Helen Simmons
  (District 4)     Sherman Vaughn
  (District 5)     Lynn Shekleton

The Nottoway County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) seeks to foster industrial growth and job creation in Nottoway County. It has the ability to finance economic development projects that meet a stringent set of requirements. It works with the Nottoway County Economic Development Committee to accomplish its mission.

There are seven members of the Nottoway County Industrial Development Authority. Each member is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and serves a four-year staggered term.

The Nottoway County Industrial Development Authority meets as needed, normally six times per year.