roads-mapThere is excellent access into Nottoway County via two major U.S. highways, routes 360 and 460, and five Virginia primary routes; 40, 46, 49, 153, and 307. These roads are in excellent condition and provide efficient access from all directions.

U.S. Highway 460, which bisects Nottoway, connects the county with interstates 85 and 95, which both junction in Petersburg, approximately 30 miles away. Much of U.S. Highway 460 is limited access in Nottoway County. (Limited access, as used on Interstate Highways, reduces traffic entering from secondary feeder roads, which often slows traffic flow.) This highway runs through all three of Nottoway County’s incorporated towns, and also through Fort Pickett.

State Routes 40 and 46 out of Blackstone and Fort Pickett also intersect with Interstate 85 at McKenney to the southeast and Alberta to the south. Each intersection with I-85 is approximately 20 miles from Nottoway County.

U.S. Highway 360 connects the county to Richmond, about 50 miles away, where Interstates 64, 95, and 295 can be accessed. Highway 360 intersects U.S. Highway 460 at Burkeville, just west of Crewe.

In addition to the intersection at Burkeville, State Routes 49, 153, and 307 connect Highways 460 and 360 at different locations in the county.

Both U.S. Highway 360 and 460 are multi-lane, divided highways that provide direct access to Nottoway County locations from major cities along the east coast.

Rail Service
A main line of the Norfolk Southern Railroad traverses Nottoway County. This main line serves the industrial sites at Burkeville, Crewe, Blackstone and Fort Pickett. The Norfolk Southern Corporation links the Nottoway County area with the major population centers of the nation. Nottoway’s proximity to the Port of Hampton Roads makes importing and exporting raw materials and finished product an economical choice for local industry.

railroadThe Norfolk Southern Corporation is ranked in the top five of all rail lines in the United States and Canada. Norfolk Southern specializes in bulk and mixed freight service and their system covers the midwest, southern, and eastern markets extending from Montreal, Canada, south to Florida and west to Omaha, Nebraska. Rail car delivery averages four days to most points east of the Mississippi River, including St. Louis and New Orleans.

Amtrak passenger service is available in nearby Richmond. The Richmond station gives rail travelers several trains to choose from, with direct routes to Boston in the northeast and Miami to the south.

Amtrak Richmond:

Air Service
Major airline passenger service is provided to the Nottoway County area from Richmond International Airport, slightly over an hour’s drive from Nottoway. Service is provided by several major air carriers, and the facilities offer a wide variety of flights on Delta, United, American, U.S. Airways, TWA, Northwest, Continental, and Air Canada. In addition, several major air freight firms serve the airport and can ship to many points of destination throughout the world.
Richmond International:

The Raleigh-Durham Airport, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, is only 80 miles to the south of Nottoway County.

Nottoway County has two public airports that are among the finest in Southside Virginia. Both airports have paved and lighted runways, minor maintenance capabilities, and fuel available.

Allen C. Perkinson Airport (Blackstone Army Airfield)

Contact: Airspace Manager: (434) 292-2193 – Fuel: (434) 292-7251
Location: Pickett Park, adjacent to Fort Pickett, two miles east of the Town of Blackstone; Off State Route 40, Darvills Road, on to Dominy Corner Road
Lat / Long: 37-04-27.100N / 077-57-27.100W
Elevation: 439 feet
Use: Open to Public
Runway: 4/22 4,632 x 150 feet concrete in good condition; 1/19 4,000 x 75 feet concrete in fair condition
Fuel: 100LL Jet-A

Crewe Municipal Airport

Contact: (434) 645-1191
Location: Off Road 618, Indian Oak Road, on to Airport Lane; One mile east of the Town of Crewe
Lat / Long: 37-10-51.545N / 078-05-54.001W
Elevation: 420 feet
Use: Open to Public
Runway: 15/33 3,300 x 60 feet asphalt in good condition
Fuel: 100LL


The Virginia Port Authority, a state agency, is responsible for operating and marketing the marine terminal facilities of Norfolk International, Portsmouth Marine, Newport News Marine and the Virginia Inland Port. More than 75 international shipping lines utilize the best natural deep-water harbor on the east coast.

Virginia’s strategic Mid-Atlantic location and highly efficient transportation system offer shippers first-class access to a majority of the population of the United States. In fact, the Port of Virginia transports more intermodal containers to more cities faster and more efficiently than any port in the United States. To do this, the Port utilizes six direct-service trains to 28 major cities each day. More than 50 motor carrier companies offer full freight-handling and load-consolidation services. A comprehensive highway system also serves the port facilities to give quick access to inland destinations.

The ice-free Port of Hampton Roads is served by 45-foot (13.716 meters) deep-water channels, and is capable of handling nearly every category of cargo in large volume: containerized, breakbulk, heavy lift, roll-on/roll-off, LASH, liquid and dry bulk. It handled nearly 12 million tons of freight in 1999.

These facilities are approximately 128 miles east of Nottoway County.

Additionally, two inland river ports are within 65 miles of Nottoway County. The Hopewell and Richmond Deepwater terminals are both located on the James River. The Richmond terminal is 25 feet (8 meters) deep.