towns-mapNottoway County has three incorporated towns within its boundaries. Those towns are Blackstone, Burkeville, and Crewe. All of the towns are located on U.S. Highway 460 and the main line of the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Additionally, Burkeville adjoins U.S. Highway 360.

From Nottoway Courthouse, which is in the geographic center of the county, Blackstone lies approximately five miles distant in a southeast direction. Crewe lies about three miles in a northwesterly direction and Burkeville lies approximately seven miles in the same direction as Crewe.

Blackstone has a population of 3,621 persons according to the 2010 census. Crewe has 2,326 residents, and Burkeville has 432 residents

Each of the towns has a council/mayor form of government. The Towns of Blackstone and Burkeville each have a seven-member council and a mayor elected at-large. The Town of Crewe has a nine-member council and also elects a mayor at-large. Blackstone and Crewe employ a town manager to administer town business and operations, while Burkeville employs a town Clerk. Each town has a local planning commission and has adopted a comprehensive plan. Blackstone and Crewe have zoning and subdivision ordinances.

Each town has its own police and fire department and is served by the countywide rescue squad.

The Nottoway County Economic Development Committee has been given the responsibility for industrial recruitment in each of the three towns.

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Blackstone businesses are served by the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce. The towns of Burkeville and Crewe are served by a combined group, the Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce.