Emergency Services

For emergencies, dial 911.

(434) 645-9044 Sheriff’s Office Communication Center (Dispatcher)

Nottoway County has a comprehensive emergency services system that includes highly trained and motivated volunteers and paid professionals. Its three fire departments are all volunteer, its rescue squad is made up of mostly volunteer and some paid emergency medical technicians, and its law enforcement departments are made up entirely of paid professional persons.


Police protection is provided by the Nottoway County Sheriff’s Department, the Town Police Departments and the Virginia State Police. Each of these units maintain separate communications systems; however, they can all communicate with the County’s central dispatch office and each other when the need arises. The central dispatch office is operated around the clock by the sheriff’s department to provide fast, coordinated delivery of emergency services to all residents of the County. The Volunteer Fire Departments and the Rescue Squad are tied to this central system.

In addition to the Sheriff’s Department, the Virginia State Police is represented by five road troopers and two specialists in Nottoway County. State troopers have the responsibility to preserve law and order; enforce criminal, traffic, and regulatory laws; and cooperate with and support other law-enforcement agencies.

State Police Web site: http://www.vsp.state.va.us/

Fire Department

Each town has its own fire department. There are approximately 100 volunteer firefighters in the county. These departments have primary responsibility for defined areas of the county, providing complete coverage for all rural areas. All three work together on larger incidents in the county, and each will cross county lines to assist other localities if there is a need to do so.

Each of the three fire departments have a complete compliment of firefighting equipment and capability. Additionally, the firefighters are constantly in training to increase their skill and knowledge.

All the volunteer fire departments are funded from a variety of sources: the county, each of the respective towns, donations, and fund drives.

Rescue Squad

AmbulanceThe rescue squad serves the entire county. Its members are equipped with ambulances, crash trucks, boats, and mobile generators. The volunteer members are trained in: EMT, ST, EMT Cardiac Tech, Scuba, and CPR.

The Nottoway County Emergency Squad services the entire county from two locations: the main headquarters location in Crewe and a satellite station in Blackstone. Each location is dispatched from the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center.

For more information, visit nottowaysquad.org.