Voter Registration

The Constitution of Virginia requires that you be registered in the precinct in which you live in order to be qualified to vote. Please use the sections below to get more information about voting.

Official Notice Training Meeting 

Notice Electoral Board Meeting September 10, 2020

The Nottoway County Voter Registration Office

(434) 767-2135 (TELEPHONE)
(434) 767-2414 (Fax)
Monday to Friday: 8:30am — 4:30pm
(Our new location was formerly the Burkeville Primary School).

Official Voting Information

Reminder: A photo I.D. is required to vote at all voting precincts. If you do not have a photo I.D. one will be issued to you at no cost. 

The Registrar’s Office is guided by the Nottoway County Electoral Board and is responsible for all election activities within Nottoway County. The Registrar’s Office contains a variety of useful information to county citizens. It contains election district maps that determine where a person votes, and (in the case of local elections) who the choices might be. Citizens may register to vote there or check on their eligibility. A citizen unable to vote normally may request an absentee ballot from the office. The Registrar’s Office distributes information and required forms to those persons wishing to run for elected office and the various filing deadlines. The office insures that polling places are staffed with trained election officers and that the machines are working properly. The Registrar collects local election results and forwards them on to the state Board of Elections.

Nottoway County Director of Elections
Angela R. Stewart
(434) 645-8148

Freedom of Information Act requests should be directed to Angela Stewart.