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Current Members of the Board

The Nottoway County Board of Supervisors determines how the county is operated. The Board has control over local taxation, budgets, borrowing, general County policy, and the adoption of local ordinances.

The County Administrator, P. S. T. (Ted) Costin, is the chief appointed officer of the county. He serves as clerk to the board and is in charge of implementing board directives. The Administrator serves as an advisor to the board in their deliberations.

Board members represent the election district in which they live. Each of these five election districts are determined every 10 years, soon after census figures have been tabulated. Each election district is based on population, not land area or other physical characteristics. The U.S. Department of Justice currently has final approval of election districts in Nottoway County.

The five members of the Board of Supervisors serve a four-year concurrent term. The last election was held in November 2011. All five seats will be up for election again in November 2015.

The position of Board Chairman has traditionally been rotated annually by election districts, giving each district supervisor the opportunity to lead the board.

The Board of Supervisors meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the General District Courtroom. Citizens wishing to submit agenda items or speak to the board should contact the County Administrator at least one week prior to the board meeting.

All board actions, with the exception of those provided for in the Code of Virginia, are open for public inspection. Those exceptions are most commonly personnel issues and economic development issues.









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